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5 Considerations for the Relocating Retiree

The American Dream involves a dynamic retirement … moving to a milder climate, exploring new adventures, partaking in activities and amenities abound, forgetting about work, and simply enjoying your new, carefree lifestyle. Florida happens to be one of the most popular retirement destinations – and … Continue reading

The Manufactured Home Advantage

Precision … The advantage of factory-constructed manufactured homes when compared to site-built homes Constructed in climate-controlled factories by skilled workers using the finest materials—all while adhering to stringent Federal codes—manufactured homes are built strong and durable with quality craftsmanship, which results in long-lasting, easy-to-care-for … Continue reading

Balancing Safety & Growth When Saving for Retirement

Contemplating retirement is often met with the question, “How much money will I need to retire?” Is there such thing as going overboard with stashing away money? Probably not, but many may rely a little too heavily on concentrating funds into their … Continue reading