Active Adult Communities in FL Popular Among Illinois Residents

What Makes Our Active Adult Communities So Popular among Illinois Residents? Illinois residents have long flocked to the active adult communities in Florida that are owned and managed by Blair Group. Living in Florida either part time or year-round can … Continue reading

Our 55 Communities are Popular among New Yorkers

Why do so Many New York Residents Buy Homes in Our 55 and Over Communities? Blair Group is an award-winning developer of 55 and over communities and an organization that has long been successful at making the active Florida lifestyle … Continue reading

Florida Retirement Options for Michigan Residents

Tired of Michigan Winters? Blair Group Can Help You Lead the Ultimate Florida Retirement Lifestyle The state of Michigan certainly does have a lot to offer. Miles of magnificent freshwater beaches. Pristine forests. Glistening lakes. And, of course, many cities … Continue reading

Reflection & Appreciation

It’s not often you sit down to ponder just how many lives you impact on a daily basis. When you do, it can be overwhelming. … For Blair Group Communities, it’s overwhelmingly positive. Since Bob Young founded Blair Group in … Continue reading

Manufactured Homes: The Only Federally Preemptive, Performance-based Construction Code

A recent article in the Lakeland Ledger (the locally based media outlet nearby to Blair Group Communities) serves as a nice reminder just how far manufactured homes have come. As the article states, “Manufactured homes are the only federally preemptive, … Continue reading

Leasing vs Buying Your Land

A Look at “Lease Land” Communities & Monthly Fees As you research and visit retirement communities in the State of Florida, you might find yourself asking this very question, “What are the monthly fees?” It’s a common question, and an important one … Continue reading

Florida Ranks Most Desirable

In a November 2015 survey conducted by The Harris Poll, Florida ranked #1 as the most desired state to live. For what reason you ask? Sunshine and water … and we couldn’t agree more! Looking at Central Florida, where all five … Continue reading

Frame Your Life with Your Frame of Mind

Whether you’re close to it or not, getting in the frame of mind of retirement may help frame your life in a positive way. Considering—or for some daydreaming about—all the adventures and sleep you’ll catch up when officially retire can … Continue reading

Feel Assured Knowing Your Home Is Properly Insured

With all five Blair Group Communities located in Florida and many of our residents relocating from various states throughout the North and Midwest, we can tell you that the insurance industry differs state to state. With that said, it’s important you do … Continue reading

Retire, for the Health of It

So, the story goes, “Stress kills …” Everything from headaches, fatigue and stomach complications to joint pain. You name it, stress can cause it, or worsen it. Studies have shown that upon exiting the full time workforce, stress levels can dramatically reduce, helping … Continue reading