Feel Assured Knowing Your Home Is Properly Insured

With all five Blair Group Communities located in Florida and many of our residents relocating from various states throughout the North and Midwest, we can tell you that the insurance industry differs state to state. With that said, it’s important you do your research to determine your needs so you can effectively shop and compare homeowners insurance as well as the company that will be providing it to you. Below are three valuable questions you’ll want to keep in your back pocket as you price and compare:

CL RESIDENTIAL 11Is the company stable and does it provide quality service?

Within the Florida insurance market there are a number of very small agencies that offer insurance in some capacity. It’s important to determine if these smaller agencies are currently stable, if they’ve proven to be stable, and if they’ve maintained the ability to provide quality service and a quality product offering to their customers throughout the years.

Who handles claims should I have one?

It’s important to select an insurance company that employs their own adjusters who will personally visit your home when you have a claim. These folks are ultimately responsible for providing you the reimbursement you deserve so it’s key that they work together and are on the same page with the company as a whole.

What coverages do I need for my home, and are these at all limited or excluded from the plan?

  • Damage to Screen Enclosure – Many times, your Florida home will include some form of screened enclosure physically attached to your home. These are referred to Florida rooms or lanais. Be sure you fully understand if this coverage exists in your policy and to what extent.
  • Water Damage – There are many nuances involved in coverage related to water damage so it’s critical your insurer understands your location, and that they are forthcoming with what your plan will, won’t, or what it partially covers.
  • Animal Liability – For some, animal coverage is unheard of and can be easily overlooked when reviewing insurance policies. However, in the state of Florida, the community or neighborhood where you live may require you to carry coverage on your pets. For example, depending of the nature of the breed of dog you own, additional coverage may be required for residency.

This is just a start, but these three questions will help provide assurance that you’re selecting the right insurance provider for you and your new home.