Florida Ranks Most Desirable

In a November 2015 survey conducted by The Harris Poll, Florida ranked #1 as the most desired state to live. For what reason you ask? Sunshine and water … and we couldn’t agree more!

Looking at Central Florida, where all five Blair Group Communities are located—the region with two of the most popular and most populated cities, Tampa and Orlando—we web_tampa skylinesee an average year round daytime temperate of 82 with approximately 240 days full of the warm sunshine.

Florida gets a bad rap for its heat and humidity, but that talk is typically derived from the vacationer traveling here during the warmest time of the year … the summer! June through September are the warmest months of the year with an average high of 90 degrees. The presence of humidity is greater this time of year with frequent afternoon showers. But, what separates Florida from other northern and western states is that the humidity levels stay rather consistent, which allows the body to adjust. Specifically in the northeastern states, the summer temperatures can climb well into the 90’s and the humidity can be oppressive. But two days later, the humidity drops and it feels great, but two days after that it gets muggy again, which becomes less tolerable.

CL POOL 3If you’re lucky to have a pool or one nearby your Florida home, then you can’t complain during the summer. If you’re not that lucky, you still can’t complain since all you have to do is hop in your car and head east or west, given the fact that the Sunshine State is surrounded by water!

On the west side of the state you’ll discover the Gulf Coast, home to white sandy beaches and calm turquoise water. The east side is home to the Atlantic Coast where you’ll find similar white sandy beaches to the Gulf, but the water differs in that its bluer and wavier, perfect for surfers or those who prefer to take a nap listening to the sounds of crashing waves.

What people long for most here in Florida is those eight months of dry, mild weather thatCL GOLF 23 you’ll come to treasure during the fall through the spring. It’s glorious!

Outside of the weather and the water, the Sunshine State offers countless sights to see and places to explore, as well as countless activities to partake in,  like those world renowned theme parks and sporting venues just to name a few.

Florida is an ideal location no matter what age you are. However, for the retiree, they specifically have the privilege of taking advantage of it all! So, come on down! Discover why Florida is #1 … we’ll bet it gets your vote, too!