Manufactured Homes: The Only Federally Preemptive, Performance-based Construction Code

A recent article in the Lakeland Ledger (the locally based media outlet nearby to Blair Group Communities) serves as a nice reminder just how far manufactured homes have come.

As the article states, “Manufactured homes are the only federally preemptive, performance-based construction code” in terms of home building standards. What does this mean exactly? Well, when it comes to home construction standards, the federal government has come up with many codes in which the manufactured housing industry must abide by during the construction process. The codes take into account many different elements like weather. And it’s the only housing product that undergoes such rigorous coding standards, making manufactured homes some of the safest around.

cl-residential-11aThe industry is still plagued by the terms “mobile homes” and “trailers.” But as the article points out, it’s been over 40 years since the last “mobile home” was constructed based upon the stringent guidelines enforced. Not only are manufactures homes one of the safest products to live in, but the fact that they are so affordable makes many wonder why more Americans aren’t rushing to purchase one. But as with anything else, there’s a learning curve when it comes to appreciating how well a manufactured home is constructed, and just why, in fact, that the cost to purchase one is so low.

Blair Group was an early-adopting developer of manufactured housing communities based upon the unlimited benefits. With high-quality, low-maintenance and affordability at the forefront, we’ve successfully owned and operated five manufactured housing lifestyle communities throughout Central Florida.

Read the entire Lakeland Ledger article referenced by clicking here.