There are Many Manufactured and Modular Homes in Central FL. How are They Different?

Modular Homes Central FLModular homes and manufactured homes can be found in ever-increasing numbers across Central Florida. Though the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they do, in fact, refer to two different types of housing. Both offer the comforts of a site-built home – sometimes even offering luxury features such as island kitchens and walk-in closets – but they typically cost less to build, and those savings are passed on to the home buyer. However, there are some differences between the two worth exploring.

Let’s start with modular homes. A modular home is one that is built inside a factory in block-like segments, or modules. These segments are shipped to an installation site and assembled with a crane. Modular homes sit on permanent foundations and look essentially the same as houses that are built on site. Even though modular homes must conform to local building codes, they take less time to construct than site-built houses and generally cost less per square foot.

How are manufactured homes different? The term “manufactured home” is used to describe what, years ago, before strict federal building requirements were imposed, used to be called a mobile home or trailer. They are factory-built – similar to modular homes – but do not sit on a permanent foundation. Also, instead of owning both the structure and the land, an owner of this type of house frequently leases the land underneath. The primary advantage of buying a manufactured home is having to devote less of your budget to housing. In Central FL, manufactured homes are commonly located in manufactured home communities, many of which cater to older adults looking to downsize yet live in a fun, secure neighborhood.

The growing number of manufactured and modular homes in Central FL strongly suggests that people are simply demanding more value for their housing dollar. For example, at Blair Group, each of our manufactured home communities offers a full slate of amenities and activities to enrich the retirement lifestyle, all with affordability in mind.

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