Lakeland, Fla. (September 15, 2017) – All five of Blair Group’s 55+ communities located across Central Florida proved their strength to Hurricane Irma. … Overall, our communities and our very durable homes fought hard against the storm and survived with minimal damage!

Not a single home was lost. And of those that incurred damage, the majority was to aluminum attachments, i.e. carports or sheds.

Throughout the course of the storm, many of our residents stayed up to date with friends and family by posting photos and videos both during and following. Many of the photos showcased the large amounts of rain Irma dumped on our streets, most of which cleared out within 48 hours of Irma’s passing. But in some, the water levels were deceiving, which created a false sense of alarm for viewers.

To shed a little light, when manufactured homes are constructed they are set upon concrete pillars and anchored to the ground. In each of Blair Group’s communities, the standards require what is called “skirting,” which is the process of adding a decorative element, typically vinyl lap siding, down to the ground, covering up the vacant space where the concrete pillars are set. This creates a more attractive curb appeal.

Because of this skirting on our residents’ homes, some of the photos looked as if Irma’s rain water actually raised high enough to enter the homes, but this was not the case. The manufactured housing building codes actually spared our residents of any flood damage!

Blair Group’s staff members rallied together, and our residents truly stepped up to the plate both during and after the storm, providing updates to those out of the area and offering those close a shoulder to lean on—not to mention lending a hand during the clean-up phase over these past few days! 

A tremendous “thank you” to all of those who helped out during this historic weather event … We all were a part of some pretty unbelievable stuff and can certainly say, “We weathered this storm!”