Leesburg, Fla. (June 21, 2019) – For many, Blair Group’s 55+ Community, Lake Griffin Harbor (LGH) is a community of friendship and activity with countless good times had throughout the year. For others, it’s a quiet place to retreat when tapped out from the bustle of days of past.

For Ralph Lyon—a content man who, “Kept himself to himself” for more than 18 years on his own—he chose the latter when he moved to LGH from Ohio in 2013.

Ralph wasn’t a social guy and preferred not to engage with others. In fact, if you didn’t know him, he might’ve come off as a “little snooty” as they say. But five years into his LGH existence, everything changed for Ralph when a neighbor mentioned a new lady moving in who happened to be a widow. … Of course, Ralph completely disregarded the comment.

Enter, Edie Armstrong.

Originally from Kentucky, Edie, who had been living the solo life as a 30-year widow, moved to LGH in 2018. In the three-decade span prior, Edie had endeavored on one very horrible date that turned her off men for good, solidifying her single status.

Extremely bubbly and quick to make relationships, Edie befriended a LGH resident who suggested she introduce herself to none other than Ralph. … Of course, Edie completely disregarded the comment.

One August morning as she prepared to venture out and locate the 2018 Primary Election venue for her volunteer service, Edie noticed a gentleman who lived across the street from her. She proceeded to ask if he knew of the location she was headed and offered the man lunch if he would just take her there. Never passing up a free meal, the gentleman agreed.

Over lunch, Edie met Ralph and Ralph met Edie. Their conversations unraveled many things they both had in common. So much so that on their way back home to LGH, Ralph suggested, “I suppose I owe you lunch now.” And, “The rest,” they say, “is history.”

Ralph & Edie ~Loving Life~ at Lake Griffin Harbor

Ralph proposed to Edie on Thanksgiving that year [2018] and they are now officially loving life at LGH having celebrated their matrimony on June 21, 2019.

They held a lovely wedding ceremony in LGH’s clubhouse and carried on with a magical honeymoon cruise.

“This is all pretty awesome,” says Ralph.

“It’s just surprising,” Edie says … “Every day is just amazing.”