How to Retire Comfortably in Florida

Senior man and woman dressed in casual clothing sitting in patio chairs near steps outside their homeThanks to its balmy weather and absence of snow, the Sunshine State has long claimed the hearts of older adults looking to live out their retirement dreams in comfort. Many factors go into anyone’s decision of where to retire, but the cost of living is usually high on the list. And that’s become increasingly true for 21st-century retirees, many of whom have struggled to build a nest egg that will see them through their golden years.

According to and other personal finance experts, housing costs are usually the single biggest expense that retirees face in any state, including Florida. Therefore, if you’re like most retirees seeking to retire comfortably in Florida, it just makes sense to consider options for keeping your housing costs as low as possible. Making an affordable housing choice will help you stretch your retirement savings to the max, allowing you to stress less about your finances and devote more of your financial resources to having fun.

How Blair Group Can Help You Enjoy a Comfortable & Affordable Lifestyle

Blair Group is an award-winning developer of resort-style, manufactured-home communities for active adults 55 and older. We professionally manage five gated communities in some of the most sought-after locations in Central Florida. We take pride in helping older adults make the most of their retirement years by offering homes that are:

  • Attractive, safe, and comparable in quality to site-built homes, but typically available at a much lower cost
  • Built with low-maintenance and energy-efficient features that can help reduce ongoing housing costs
  • Close to first-rate medical facilities, shopping centers, airports, and tourist attractions

Moreover, when you buy a manufactured home for sale in one of our beautiful 55+ communities and pay a low monthly home site lease fee, you’ll have access to a wealth of on-site amenities such as one or more clubhouse complexes, swimming pools, fitness centers, and more.

Ready to Learn More?

The Lifestyle Consultants at Blair Group are eager to show you how you can retire comfortably in Florida. Contact us today for more information about our five retirement communities with locations in or near Tampa, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Lakeland, and Leesburg.