Retire, for the Health of It

So, the story goes, “Stress kills …” Everything from headaches, fatigue and stomach complications to joint pain. You name it, stress can cause it, or worsen it.

Studies have shown that upon exiting the full time workforce, stress levels can dramatically reduce, helping you to feel better and have more time to explore in your retirement.

In “The Health Benefits of Early Retirement Are Priceless,” Financial Samurai explains that throughout his investment banking career he had bouts of low back pain, TMJ and plantar fasciitis, among others. But noticeably upon the six month of his retirement when all his work-related stressors were no longer, all of his health-related complications completely vanished.SR TENNIS 3

In separate studies looking at overall brain health, exploration and new discoveries are shown to help the brain to thrive. Sure, puzzles and reading are helpful, but what your brain tends to crave are those “good stressors” that can be associated with the journey through new challenges.

Jonathan Look’s “The Magic of Leaving Your Comfort Zones in Retirement,” encourages middle-aged folks to expand their horizons. “By pushing my boundaries, and getting out of my comfort zones,” says Look, “I have become more confident, less judgmental and more open to new ideas.”

It’s time to leave behind the dog days of work. Retirement is full of new opportunities and new adventures, which in turn leads to a healthier you. If you’re in the position to do so, go ahead and retire … for the health of it!

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