The Value in New

There are a number of advantages to owning a manufactured home over other home types, like “stick built.”As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” and in this context, the advantages of manufactured homes become even more significant when building/buying brand new.

Nowadays, the quality of products used when constructing new manufactured homes help to save a number of operational and maintenance costs throughout the lifetime of ownership. … Thankfully, for you this means your dollars can be put toward enjoying your lifestyle, opposed to shelling out funds for home upgrades and high utility costs.

One of Blair Group’s partners, Jacobsen Homes, helped create a list of 36 value-added features used when constructing their brand new manufactured homes. Below are some highlights:

Value-added Interior Features
  • High-grade insulation used in walls, ceilings, floors and around ducts to balance the HVAC unit’s sealed-air delivery, reducing usage
  • Brass fittings on all plumbing lines promote longevity
  • Durable, comfortable, low-maintenance vinyl floors installed using ring shank nails to reduce noise/squeaking
  • GE energy-efficient, standard-size appliances throughout with full warranties
Value-added Exterior Features
  • Storm-resistant foundation and setup that is 30- to 50-percent stronger, helping to reduce homeowner insurance premiums
  • Vinyl siding with limited lifetime warranty is virtually maintenance free with “non-curling,” drip eve to prevent moisture penetration
  • 25-year shingle is wind and mildew resistant

Click here to view the entire list of value-added features used in the new construction of Jacobsen’s manufactured homes.