Which Part of Florida Is Best for Retirement?

Two senior men and two senior women ride on a golf cart past a park with palm trees and pavilions covered by yellow sun umbrellasYou’re getting ready to retire, and you’ve always pictured yourself pursuing a carefree retirement lifestyle in sunny, tax-friendly Florida. Now that the time has come, you must focus on the details to make your dream come true. First up: deciding which part of Florida would be your best choice for the type of retirement living you have in mind.

The ideal choice is different for every retiree, of course. But if you scroll through internet compilations of the best places to retire in the Sunshine State, you’ll notice that the lion’s share of cities listed are in Central Florida. Why? Here are a few of the top reasons:

Lots of Things to Do

With a climate that allows residents to wear shorts and sandals outside almost year-round, Central Florida treats retirees to endless possibilities for pursuing fun and relaxation. Plus, as an international tourist destination, there’s no shortage of attractions to visit, including theme parks, casinos, golf courses, racetracks, sports venues, and shopping malls. Central Florida is loaded with natural beauty, too—from Ocala’s rolling terrain dotted with freshwater lakes to coastal communities like Tampa and Daytona Beach.

A Variety of Retirement Housing Options

Central Florida is home to many different types of retirement housing, including communities for active adults 55 and older. Known as 55+ communities or active lifestyle communities, these living arrangements are similar to traditional neighborhoods in which residents own single-family homes rather than being cramped in apartments. Additionally, though amenities vary, most 55+ communities have resort-style features like swimming pools, fitness centers, and clubhouses. These amenities make it easy for older adults to stay active and socially connected to their neighbors. The best 55+ communities are also located near first-rate medical facilities, and most of the state’s top-rated hospitals are in Central Florida.

An Affordable Lifestyle

For many retirees, affordability is the top priority in choosing a place to retire. Blair Group, a well-established developer and manager of 55+ communities, understands the importance of this. We operate five manufactured-home communities for adults 55 and over in some of the most sought-after locations in Central Florida. We take pride in offering retirees an enviable yet affordable lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more.